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As a board-certified periodontist, Dr. Anzalone is a highly skilled specialist in functional crown lengthening.

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Crown Lengthening in Monroe & Ruston

In certain situations, some of the gum and bone tissue around a tooth crown (the white part of a tooth that is visible above the gumline) needs to be removed to allow for corrective treatments to occur, such as filling a cavity below the gumline.

This is known as “functional crown lengthening.” It is called crown lengthening because in many cases, the natural crown of the tooth will appear longer after removing bone and repositioning the gums.

Removal of Excess Gum Tissue

Where there is an overgrowth of gum tissue, teeth can be difficult to clean. The most common occurrence of this is as a side effect of certain anti-seizure and blood pressure medications. It will also occasionally happen as a byproduct of orthodontic treatment. Dr. Anzalone will gently remove the excess gum tissue, making it possible to properly clean the teeth and maintain oral health.

Tooth Exposure for Orthodontics

Sometimes teeth fail to break through the gum and move into their natural position on the dental arch. Dr. Anzalone can gently expose the crowns of such teeth and place an orthodontic bracket on them so the orthodontist can bring them into proper alignment. Though primarily done for children and teens, this is occasionally also necessary for adults receiving orthodontic treatment.

Exposing the Crown to Assist in Tooth Restoration

When a tooth needs a dental restoration due to wear, decay or fracture, enough of the natural crown needs to be exposed so that a restoration can be placed without cutting into the gum line and causing irritation, pain or bleeding. Dr. Anzalone can gently adjust the gum and bone surrounding the tooth and sculpt the tooth surfaces as needed.

Aesthetic Gum Recontouring

Fixing a Gummy Smile

Genetic factors can cause a situation where there is too much bone and gum covering the teeth, and the teeth appear too short as a result. This makes the person appear to have a “gummy smile.” Gummy smiles for many people are a cosmetic concern, but they are also an oral health problem as they make it difficult to clean teeth properly or address tooth damage. Dr. Anzalone gently removes the excess gum and bone covering the teeth and restores a natural, symmetrical gumline that is aesthetically pleasing and much easier to keep healthy.

Featured Patient Experience

“Dr. Anzalone is very nice and takes the time to fully explain what he plans to do. He always called and checked in on me after each surgery. He did a wonderful job. He was able to treat my gum disease and get it cleaned up. There was absolutely no pain. The staff are wonderful and made me feel right at home and at ease. “My experience with Dr. Anzalone and his staff was fabulous. I highly recommend him for all your dental needs.”

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